Podere la Sassaia  
Podere la Sassaia  
  "Dai sassi agli olivi, la qualità che piace".
In our business maxim it is contained the spirit with that we cultivate the 1.100 olive trees, on 4 hectares, and we produce the extra virgin olive oil “Podere La Sassaia”. The conduction is to familiar character, managed technically from the Alberto son: agronomist, oli expert and taster method C.O.I. (International Olive Council). The olive trees are controlled with care during all the year. The planning and the participations are faces to the attainment of the maximum quality, understanding like understanding like obtaining of a extra virgin olive oil with valuable and peculiar chemical-physics and flavour features respecting the nature and its rhythms. A lot of the olive’s lands are terraces and edges with stone walls, that we hold with care and that we are also restoring. Where possible, in the respect of the nature, we preserve and maintenance hedges and hedgerow that delimit the fields, like too we cultivate our olive trees according to the principles of the integrated agricolture, burying to, every two years, honeycomb useful as ordure. From 2003 we adhere to the project of Mass Trap against the olive bow tie, a biological method of struggle, supported from the administration of Suvereto.


Olives blend

Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino
Hand harvest after survey of the most opportune degree of maturation for single variety.
Olive press
We work olives, within 36 hours, uniforms for variety, in a modern olive press (Alfa Laval), with a temperature under 27ºC (cold press).
Oil blend
It is performed subsequently to the first depot of the dregs, when the chemical-physics and flavour features turn out stable.
It is particularly adapted to being used to raw on warm dishes, like bruschette, soup, cooked vegetable. Very adapted also for pinzimonio and on raw vegetables.
Bottles 0.5 litres, in green glass. Cardboard containing 6 bottles.
Podere la Sassaia
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