Podere la Sassaia  
Podere la Sassaia  
  The colours and the scents of Tuscany blend with the lights and the fragrance of the Mediterrean Sea along “Costa degli Etruschi”. The Etruscan sites, the crystal-clear sea, the medioeval villages, the natural parks and reserves, all make this land of Tuscany unique. The countryside is crossed by a prestigious Wine Road, characterised by noble vines and silver olive trees. The magic itinerary unwinding between the sea and the countryside gives you the opportunity to discover artistic, cultural and architectural treasures, the heritage of this land. The Etruscans have left important traces of their past presence, such as the only necropolis ever built by the sea, Rare finds are carefully preserved in local museums. The historical villages, which have preserved their medioeval architecture intact, provide ample evidence of the past.
The sea is the very heart of the “Costa degli Etruschi”, it is always with you. The Blue Flags, awarded by European Union, and other prestigious prizes indicate the quality of an unpolluted sea. The beaches of fine white sand of San Vincenzo, Vada and the gulf of Baratti alternate with the coarser and the darker beaches of Bibbona and Castagneto. Next the bathing establishments scattered all along the coast, you can find wide free beaches and “Blue Points”, stretches of shoreline where it is possible to hire deck-chairs and sunshades. Here the presence of lifeguards is guaranteed. The pinewoods by the shores, the characteristics “tomboli”, strips of vegetation which extend from the beach to the interior for 600-800 m , and the Mediterrean Macchia vegetation, all favour long walks and a lot of sports.
More than 20% of the territory of the “Costa degli Etruschi” consists of natural park sand reserves, that is quite a high percentage for a stretch of land rich in urban areas. By the sea the natural park of Bolgheri, a splendid marshy area of international importance, houses thousands of aquatic birds, it was the very first sanctuary for fauna in Italy. Its marshland and its pine forest shelter roe-deer, fallow deer, ducks and fishing hawks. Close to Piombino , flamingos, ibis, storks and herons gather at Orti-Bottigone natural park which is characterised by salty and freshwater marshlands. In the area of Piombino the natural park “Parco Costiero della Sterpaia”, a stretch of damp forest behind the shore, displays a natural landscape typical of the Maremma region. On the outskirts of San Vincenzo the natural park of Rimigliano, a flourishing flora and fauna oasis, opens onto one of the most beautiful beaches of the “Costa degli Etruschi”.
Etruscan finds are carefully preserved inside the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia, in the museums of Rosignano and Cecina and in the archaeological areas of Vada and Cecina. Along this coast the Etruscans extracted and worked metals, creating precious artefacts. An interesting itinerary, showing all the different phases and techniques of metal work from the Etruscan period to the Middle Ages, unwinds the Archaeological Mineral Park of San Silvestro in Campiglia Marittima. This is an outdoor excavation, one of the most important in the Mediterranean. The Springs of Venturina provided at present with well equipped spas which recall an ancient atmosphere, date back from the time of the Etruscans.
The medieval villages of the “Costa degli Etruschi” situated between the sea and the hills or set in the green countryside, have the privilege of making a long ancient past living again. A sort of fairy-like itinerary reveals Roman and Medicean archaeological remains, castles, parish churches, small historical theatres, cloisters and villas half hidden in the green vegetation, an ideal setting for summer concerts of classic music. Ruins dating back to the time of the Romans and the to the Renaissance blend with a harmonious design of medieval architecture.
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