Podere la Sassaia  
Podere la Sassaia  

Mario, Marisa and Alberto Grimelli give yourselves the welcome (and accompany yourselves, with liking, in this journey). We live in Suvereto, a small medieval village, that we see there opposite, surrounded by olive trees and vineyards. Hence the look spaces and frames the sea of Punta Ala, Elba’s island, the Val of Cornia and the hills of Massa Marittima and a lot of lights indicate countries and distant houses during the nights.

We do not inhabit here from always. There we arrive after a pawned and gratifying life, but frenetic, lived in the town. Our choice, caused from a desire of serenity and natural rhythms, carried us to the Podere La Sassaia. This farm, after a long period of neglected caused by the old peasants, was restored by us, with engagement and obstinacy, respecting its tuscany characteristics, with stone, trusses and little beams of chestnut wood and brick to see.

Alberto, the son, agronomist and specialised in olive oil, supported us with enthusiasm and professionalism. Today on the ours demoting terraces the olive trees stand out. We can smell every day the perfumes of the “Macchia Mediterranea”: rosemary, myrtle, lavanda, and you could see some beautiful rainbow after rare and short thunderstorms.

The ours it’s a small, peaceful agriturismo (rented holiday house) with a friendly atmosphere.
The apartments were created from the main house and a small country one and were named as some kinds (varietas) of olive trees that grow in our farm (Leccino, Frantoio and Moraiolo). They are furnished with care, each it is independent and different by the other and everyone have privacy, also in the private outside space.

We like, if you will want get some information about olive trees and olive oil, to teach you all we know and to explain you the charming world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Podere la Sassaia
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